bold brows & lashes academy

Why Bold brows & lashes academy is the perfect choice for you?


Here at Bold Brows & Lashes Academy, a training facility of Seductive Lashes By TN, our instructor and technicians are very well experienced and precise in the techniques and materials used for more than 9 years.

We take pride in our work and showcase our talents through our clients and passionate in fulfilling the ultimate seductive look. Not only you'll be able to learn about the most up to date techniques but tips on how to promote your business through our marketing experiences.

Unlike our competitors, we offer our students the most affordable and high quality products to work on live models and future potential clients. Students of Bold Brows & Lashes Academy will be able to receive wholesale discount prices for purchasing our products. Our lead instructor will ensure every student after graduating from our program with strong skilled sets and ready to showcase their talents. The 1 on 1 live model hands-on application will be closely supervised by our lead technician Tracy. There is no better way to learn, observe, and apply eyelash extensions like here at Bold Brows & Lashes Academy.


how we do it

We offer FREE 3 days intensive training and the last day is for 1 on 1 hands-on application with your model. Must purchase our Eyelash Kit to qualify for the FREE class. You will need 1 live model on the 3rd day of class to apply eyelash extensions. Your instructor will be available to provide and shadow you around for any assistance. Classes will be available during the week from FRIDAY thru SUNDAY 1PM to 6PM. We also offer 2 days advanced courses for 2D and 3D training for students that wish master 2D and 3D eyelash extension application. Students must bring their live models to complete their 2nd portion of training. All of our materials are top graded products and available on the day of training. 


We offer two types of certificate for our students. Certificate of Completion is for students that currently enrolled into Esthetician or Cosmetology program or already pass Board of Cosmetology license.  

Another type of certificate is Certificate of Product Training Completion. This certificate is for those that wish to learn how to use eyelash extensions products as well as  how to apply them correctly.  Students with the Certificate of Product Training Completion cannot use the certificate to apply for eyelash extensions job. Please check the Board of Cosmetology for all the requirements to become lash certified technician. The purpose of the program is to offer students that does not have Esthetician or Cosmetology licence a way to experience and explore if eyelash extensions is the pathway they would like to take before committed into 600 hours of program for Esthetician or 1600 hours of program for Cosmetology. Once students pass state board exam and would like to convert Certificate of Product Training to Certificate of Completion, we are more than happy to help. 

tracy Nguyen 

HCA BSN, Esthetician, Certified Lash Extension, and Certified 3D Microblading Practictioner. Owner and founder of Seductive Lashes by TN since 2013.  Always had the mindset and ambition to be greater and find better. Tracy is very passionate about her work and showcases her talents and crafts through her clients.  Her mission was to find fuller, longer, lasting lashes with better quality. Individual eyelash extensions where both her and her clients love with reasonable prices. Also, to teach future students and clients about the industry and how to be successful in the beauty industry.


Free training with purchase of Eyelash Kit

Individual Eyelash Extensions Course: 

Maximum of 4 students per class per month

  • $600 (Valued of $1000)

  • Included with kit (eyelash products, mannequin head, textbook etc.)

  • Lifetime wholesale price for eyelash extensions tray

  • Certificate of completion

  • Possible future employment

  • 1 or 2 days intensive training and apply eyelash extensions on live model under the supervision of the instructor

  • Bonus: learn how to market and start your own business

  • Lifetime support from the instructor and staffs

  • Group rate might be available when enroll 2-4 students (please call and check rate)

2D and 3D Eyelash Extension Course:

  • Unavailable at the moment.

*Price for courses will change starting Augst. 1st, 2018*


2019 Classes Schedule

1 day training, maximum 2 students per class $500/student 2 day training, maximum 4 students per class $600/ student

  • Flexible hours and dates based on each month and availability. July 19th - 20th 1pm-6pm Full

  • Full intensive 1 day training with hands on interaction with live model

    and instructor on sight. * Full, intensive 2 day training. Hands on practice with live

  • Please contact front desk for hours and dates of availability. models and instructor on hand.