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We would like to know more about you
If a customer complains that his/her eyes are itching or feeling uncomfortable, you immediately stop the procedure and aid the customer
You have an emergency and couldn't come to work, you phone and notify your supervisor right away
You saw a coworker being disrespected toward a customer and you decided to ignore the situation because it was too much of a trouble
You are a patient individual
You prefer to work alone because more tasks could be done
When you make a mistake, you hide it and hope no one will notice
You are flexible and make sure all the tasks get done by the end of the day
You are an outgoing person and like to meet new people
Talking take too much effort
Customer services are not your first priority
When deal with a rude customer, you argued back to make your point
You ask for tip when customer doesn't offer it
Being professional means you keep personal and work matters separate
Gossip at the workplace could have a negative impact on you and your coworkers
Being on time at all time is one of your top priorities
If you drop your tools, you continue to use it because it's a waste of time to sanitize it.
*Please email us your lashes extension certificate, porfolio and esthetician or cosmetology license*