Lash extensions has been becoming very popular among the female's beauty regimen due to its unique characteristics of giving you fuller, sexier, natural and voluminous lashes. It is painless and not harmful to the eye or affecting your lashes growth. However, it creating convenience in your beauty routine or minimize the makeup process for someone who has an active lifestyle. Simply put, lash extensions are done when the individual lash either silk or mink lash is glued to single strand of the natural lash. Your natural lashes cycle growth and fall out between 60 to 90 days depend on genetic, diet, hormones, lifestyle and environment. There are three phases of lashes growth. They go through anagen, a growth phase, for then catagen, a transition phase, for approximately 15 days and telogen, a resting phase. Natural lashes growth then fall out; therefore, lash extensions are best to touch up between 2 to 3 weeks. Some time it can last up 4 to 5 weeks if well taken care of. 

We all have a desired look and feel in each of us, let our technicians help you reach that goal. Additionally, we have various lengths, thickness, and even a specific curl types to pick and choose from. 

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